Few days ago i was playing with my Pi 2 and wanted to execute Azure CLI 2.0 commands to deploy some containers to Azure Container Registry. I knew i probably had to compile cli source code to target arm proccesor. I found that azure cli git-hub repository doesn’t have proper build script support for arm target. I filled Bug 6092 and started to modified build scripts. After some altering i made it working, but when it striked me - why just not use docker arm image and replicate cli docker file instructions.

So below is instructions how to run azure cli on raspberry Pi using docker containers.

Prepare your Raspbery PI and run Azure CLI

Install Git and Docker

Git installation command

sudo apt-get install git

Docker installation command

curl -sSL https://get.docker.com | sh

Clone and Build repository

sudo git clone https://github.com/gtrifonov/raspberry-pi-alpine-azure-cli.git

cd .\raspberry-pi-alpine-azure-cli

sudo docker build . -t azure-cli

This will build docker image with title ‘azure-cli’

Running commands in docker image

Starting Docker container in demon mode and giving it name ‘cli’

sudo docker run -d -it --rm --name cli azure-cli

Docker container running as demon with bash shell opened

Verifiying that container running

sudo docker ps


17c2e621f9b4 azure-cli “/usr/bin/entry.sh /…” 49 seconds ago Up 46 seconds   cli

Executing command login to azure

Since docker container is running and waiting any command to be executed you can use docker exec command. Command below will execute azure cli login.

sudo docker exec cli az login

Once you logged in please use Azure Cli command refference to see available commands and there parameters