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As a new twitter user I always wondered, how people make decision whom to follow and what factors are playing important role in such decision process.
Mainly we adding our friends which we personally know, news sites, industry experts and sites on which we prefer to spend our time. Some times when we talking about networks and communities it is hard to identify all people which we want to follow. As your friend might recommend you somebody in real life, your friend twitter list can also tell a lot.  Twitter App with code name ‘SocialMole’ analyse you friends networks and suggested twitter  profiles to follow, which are shared across multiple of your friends.  

Today I uploaded beta version of ‘SocialMole’ to It took me some time mainly to choose api library  and solve hosting problems to make this application up and running. I am waiting feedback, so please share with your friends. 

Enjoy and let me know what features you  would like to see there..