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In this post I’d like to share my experience with Fedex Russia and how simple document package to Moscow (Russia) can bring you awful  experience sitting at home for days waiting delivery man and speaking with customer service 3-4 times a day. 

Today is July 10(July 11 Moscow time) and my wife is not able to receive a package which I sent on 06/27/2007. Package content – documents to consulate and border control which allows my wife travel with kids abroad. Without this papers ticket and vacation trip will be canceled.
I already contacted more then 4 times US customer care, 3 times Moscow(Russia) customer office and nobody can tell me when the package will be delivered.
My wife spent 4 business days waiting when courier will deliver this package because she was told by Moscow representative, that package on delivery.
Every time representative confirm address and  phone number which is corrected spelled in form which I filled.

Short time line of package delivery story:

06/27/2007 morning – Bellevue,WA. Package was sent by me.I paid 75$ US for Express Guaranteed Delivery. I was told that it will be delivered on 07/05/2007

07/27/2007  – checking online status of package. It shows that two attempt had been made and that the address is not correct

07/05/2007 Moscow Morning – my wife called to Fedex and talked with representative.She was asked to verify address and it is correct.She was waiting whole day the package which was not delivered.
Online system is not showing that delivery attempt was made.

07/06/2007 Moscow Morning  – my wife called Fedex again. They again told her that address is not correct, she again verify it and told that it is correct.She was asked to wait it again.She was waiting whole day without result. No attempt of delivery in online system.
Old status address is not correct

07/06/2007 Bellevue,WA –  I am calling to Us customer service and in all details explain situation.Told me that address is not correct. I explaining the situation that my wife called them and that address is correct.Told him that he already spend 2 days waiting.
They saying that they will figure out why it is not delivered.

07/09/2007 Moscow morning – My wife is calling Moscow office. Everything from scratch. They told that the address is not correct.She verify it again.She was asking to talk with manager – refuse, asking to say operator full name – refuse. No traces of previous calls. Waiting whole day, package is not delivered. Status – incorrect address, no delivery attempt in online system.

07/09/2007 Moscow evening,Bellevue morning – my wife calling me saying that she was not able to talk with them anymore. I am calling to Us customer care explaining all situation again,saying that the address is correct. They answer that package will be delivered ASAP, during next day in Moscow.

07/10/2007 Moscow morning –  calling to Moscow myself. Spoke with representative Daria saying that my wife can’t wait anymore and she is ready to picked up package. She answered that she can put on hold status, but it will be available to pick up only during next day. I asked her to contact courier first and then call back to my wife with time frame when it will be delivered during day. Aria was first person in Moscow office who actually make notes in their internal system that I called . I also contact US representative and explain the situation again. They create case number with assigned representative. I called again after 2 hours asking why nobody is calling – Representative Svetlana very impolite told me that Aria is processing my request and package will be delivered.Nobody contacts my wife she was waiting whole day at home. Package is not delivered.No delivery attempts showed in online system.

07/10/2007 Moscow evening –  I am calling US representative explaining all situation and describing all my calls and conversations with Moscow representative. They said that they put on hold status and my wife can pick up package herself at Moscow Fedex office. I am happy that tomorrow Fedex nightmare will be over.

07/11 Moscow morning, – I am calling Moscow office just to confirm that package is their and my wife will come and pick up it. Representative Ksenia telling me that they don’t have option to pick up package in their office. I told her that yesterday they said me that it is possible and Us customer care confirm it. She is not listening me, told me that they call my wife and deliver package afternoon. I am calling my wife asking her to be at home all day and waiting for package. Calling to us customer care  – they saying that system shows that package is available to pick up.

Frustration, madness, terrible service, spent several hours talking with Moscow representative, several hours talking with Us representative. No results , nobody can tell me where package and when it will be delivered.

Fedex Express Russia – delivery guaranteed.    Stay tuned to get news :)

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