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Yesterday I tried to find a complete list of Russian ADR’s issued by US banks.

I visited Bank of New York ADR’s List to check the Russian depository recipients list and found that they have not only ADR’s issued by them but also issued by another financial institutes. This bank is biggest depositary of Russian based companies, so you can view and download this list from their site. The only question I had what of these ADR’s can be bought from US based online brokerage systems such as fidelity.

Another good source of information is Russian Trade System RTS – official we site of Russian trade system with Russian stock quotes, market news, Russian companies profiles.

Last two years Russian stock market shows significant grow – Russia Trade System Index (RTSI) increased from 647.08 to 1843.24  with historical maximum of 2008. 42. Russian based mutual funds become a good investment tools for foreign and domestic investors.  I think the only thing which stop Russian Market to be a China bubble is traditionally negative mass media background. Usually most news related to Russia  on CNN,ABC,FOX are negative and this stop medium and small investors to buy Russian stocks or mutual funds with Russian assets. 

But analyzing numbers and Russian stock quotes it is easy to understand that almost all companies were under priced, and those who invested two or three years ago got a big stock market pie piece. My personal question  – how long stock such VIP   will keep their growth? My personal opinion that Russian oil  companies don’t have big potential, but stocks of Russian banks and retail companies are still underestimated and most leading Russian companies in these industries made IPO recently or planning to do it. May be now it’s good time for those who didn’t catch first wave. I don’t think that future election will affect stock market.

And by the way, if you interested in Russian stock market and economy news periodically check