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I found very useful notes about scrums in Bil Simser post  ( may be it came from our build brake stone idea : ).
Our team has build brake stone. We offer it to person who broke daily build (no matter debug or retail).
The author of this topic was the first owner of it :). After we configured ms build style daily builds our life become more quite during major checkins.  Do you have little tricks to improve your daily productivity? Share please.

“The witch has been pretty successful as we’re sticking closer to the routine and there’s less gossip-talk during the scrum. Scrums end in under 10 minutes now (where they previously would linger for 15, 20 and even 30 minutes) and everyone is focused. I’ve only had to activate the Witch twice, and both times were with the same PM who charged off asking all kinds of questions (not even related to the current sprint!).”

“The daily scrum is your commitment to the team, not a report to the PM or Scrum Master on what you did. Be kind and respectful and the pain will last only a few minutes.”