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Beta3 CSS Control Adapters Release

For those who are not familiar with css controls adapter visit Menu sample. Increase your browser’s font size. In Internet Explorer use View > Text Size > Larger.

  • Go to the CreateUserWizard sample. Navigate with accesskeys. If using Windows, press Alt + e to set the focus to the textbox for the Email address. (In Internet Explorer you must also hold down the Shift key to use the accesskey for the password textbox.)
  • Try out the redesigned TreeView sample. Expand several nodes in the tree. Select a node to cause the page to post back. Notice that the tree maintains its expansion, visibly marks the selected node and uses its value to change the page’s sample content.
  • Play with cascading checkboxes.
  • Validate that these pages conform to the XHTML 1.1 Strict standard.
  • Source: ScottGu’s Blog : CSS Control Adapters Update (Beta3)