CSS Control Adapters Update (Beta3)

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Beta3 CSS Control Adapters Release

For those who are not familiar with css controls adapter visit http://www.asp.net/cssadapters

Adapters alow you to generate regular asp.net controls using ‘pure css’ approach when all positioning based on css. No more tables.

Earlier this week Microsoft published the “Beta3” version of the CSS Control Adapters which incorporates more feedback and suggestions, along with a number of new features.  Here are some shortcuts to a few cool new highlights:

  • Go to the Menu sample. Increase your browser’s font size. In Internet Explorer use View > Text Size > Larger.
  • Go to the CreateUserWizard sample. Navigate with accesskeys. If using Windows, press Alt + e to set the focus to the textbox for the Email address. (In Internet Explorer you must also hold down the Shift key to use the accesskey for the password textbox.)
  • Try out the redesigned TreeView sample. Expand several nodes in the tree. Select a node to cause the page to post back. Notice that the tree maintains its expansion, visibly marks the selected node and uses its value to change the page’s sample content.
  • Play with cascading checkboxes.
  • Validate that these pages conform to the XHTML 1.1 Strict standard.

Source: ScottGu’s Blog : CSS Control Adapters Update (Beta3)