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After installing WordPress site and downloading plugins i noticed that half of admin functionality is not working.

I tried to search for solutions and did some debugging and here what i found.

Solution 1 (worked for me):
1. In wp-config.php insert define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false ); at the beginning of file.Once you will add this your scripts requests will not be merged together, so you will be able to do investigation
2. Open Firebug in FF or developer toolbar in IE (F12) or Tools->Developer Tools in Chrome to see outgoing requests
3.Find request wp-includes/js/jqure.js
4. In my case it was returning 403 error – Forbidden
5. Change permissions to files using chmod command :chmod -R 777 D:/home/site/wwwroot/wp-includes/js

Solution 2(reported to be working for various users in different posts):
You have missing files in D:/home/site/wwwroot/wp-includes/js
1. Download wp source code from wp site and unzip them
2. Upload wp-includes/js folder to your site wp-includes/js folder via ftp

Solution 3:
1.Disable all plugins
2.Make sure that problemis fixed and start enabling plugins one at a time to isolate corrupted