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Today was a great day to test my new Windows Phone 7 pictures. I am not a photo guru or professional reviewer, neither a heavy mobile user (I was happy owner of  IPhone 3GS before).

Today was a sunny day, so I din’t played with focus or any additional settings or filter in windows phone 7 settings. Love a phone screen resolution and and built in software controls to share pictures to Facebook wall or via email. Found pictures great considering that it is a phone. Decent video quality for home library. I used my Canon HD videocam  with  price tag of 1000 $(two years ago) only few times, since I hate carrying additional stuff and frequently forgeting to get even photo camera to the trips. So  yesterday I got  my digital Windows Phone 7 buddy? which will be a probably only one single device I will carry.

Here some pictures of snow in Redmond,WA: