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IPhone development for beginners: Buying hardware

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If you don’t have Mac in your home computer inventory prepare to spent some $ for buying new or used one. There are two options you can consider: – buying used Mac – buying new Mac Personally I was trying to get low budget solution with configuration good enough to run main development tools such   …Continue Reading

Office Communicator headset problem with Windows Server 2008

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I had a weird problem with Office communicator trying to call regular phone numbers. I was not able to hear  to whom I am calling and all set up sounds were working (indicating that hardware is working) when I was trying to configure headset. The problem has been fixed by installing Desktop experience feature which   …Continue Reading

ASP.NET Routing performance compare to HttpHandler

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Hi few days ago I was experimenting with some new ASP.NET features and want to share some small perf measures to understand how ASP.NET routing affect throughput compare to simple  ASP.NET handler. If you curious about what it is ASP.NET routing ,here a list of couple of articles:   Test environment and scenarios:   …Continue Reading