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Did I write a single line of code for IPhone ? –No
Do I have a coding experience for Mac ? – No 
Do I have IPhone ? – No.
Did I ever use Mac OS? –No

So why I am even looking into IPhone development? Answer is simple more than 3000 apps has been already been written for IPhone and this number is growing faster then byte count in gmail account. So is it so simple to write for IPhone platform? Or we have a lot of success stories flying around about 1$ business model which make people rich in days.

I was answering these question for days and decided to experience all caveats of being IPhone developer who wants to create his killing application. I started thinking about exploring IPhone SDK few months ago, and my killer idea :) about grocery list application came to my mind. I didn’t make any research because of workload and thought that I already earn million of $.As usual in our days I decided to start my journey by googling. After first search I lost my million :(.

Ok it is not the end of the world and I decided to prepare to my IPhone development journey.
So to make fun out of my project I decided mainly for myself blog about my experience to revisit whole story later to see what challenges I faced. For now I am creating list of future mini posts which will cover my experience with

IPhone development for beginners: Exploring Business model for IPhone App
IPhone development for beginners: Top IPhone Applications and why they are popular
IPhone development for beginners: Learning about platform
IPhone development for beginners: Learning about community
IPhone development for beginners: Buying hardware 
IPhone development for beginners:  Language and programming guidelines


And by the way preparation is bad start, you need to execute :)