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Terrarium – welcome back

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I don’t now how many of you remember old Terrarium project, but now it is back as community effort. Probably almost 5 or 7 years ago this project was introduced to .net community to attract developers to beta version of .net framework. Good old times 🙂   Read more about it by visiting Tweet

Powershell If statement example

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Powershell if statement syntax: 1: If (condition) {statement} Example 1 – Checking file or directory existence and copying file if it is exists 1: $iis =”C:\logs\test.log” 2: $file = “\\netshare\destination.log” 3: if(Test-Path $iis){ Copy-Item $iis $file -force} Tweet

PowerShell file concatenation example.Get-content,Set-content code snippet

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Once you got how to copy one or several files, another common task is to concatenate several files from one directory and copy result to another. Find here how simple to do this with PowerShell – 1: #PowerShell file concatenation example 2:   3: # all text files from directory 4: $source = “c:\dir\*.txt” 5:   …Continue Reading

Powershell file copy example. Copy-Item code snippet

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Probably the first scheduled task you want to do is to periodically copy files from one location to another.Here the small snippet how to do it in powershell: 1: # defining log destination 2: $dest =”C:\somedirectory” 3:   4: #Creating destination directory 5: New-Item $dest -type directory -force 6:   7: #File to copy 8:   …Continue Reading

ETW tracing and command line tools(Logman.exe, TraceRpt.exe)

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Hi, I hope this page will help to find the answer how logman and tracerpt tools is used to process ETW logs.You can find general information about ETW usage visiting Usage:tracerpt.exe { <filename [filename …]> | -rt <session_name [session_name …]> } [options] Parameters:  <filename [filename …]>     Event Trace log file to process. Options:  -?                              …Continue Reading

Зеленоглазое такси по немецки

Posted on *** Man kann nichts wollen, Bloß sich erholen. Und Abends Welle Heilt mir die Seele. Du Taxi mit den Augen grün, Halt bitte nun, halt bitte nun. Und fahre bitte mich dorthin, Wo ich erwartet immer bin. Dort fragt mich keiner, Wo ich denn bleibe. Ich zweifle dran nicht – Dort man versteht mich.   …Continue Reading

Elephants Dream – open source project in Animation

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It is amazing what can be done as part of open source community effort.  1 year of work which was 50% financed by community and 50% by European funds. Awesome project. How they made this movie. Part 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – Tweet