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Seattle – Annual Russian bazaar.

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Annually St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral organize Russian Bazaar. Join and  enjoy Russian cuisine, find new friends and explore life of Russian community in Seattle. Tweet

Tip Of the Day – Converting string to System.Color

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Hi I’d like to start publishing “c# tip’s of the day” posts which will contain small trivial(or may be not) C# snippets which searched or looked today.   Today’s tip will be  – how to parse Color from HEX string. Hex colors are commonly user in web css styles and System.Color didn’t provide direct access to method   …Continue Reading

ACE Team – Security, Performance & Privacy : XSSDetect Public Beta now Available!

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  One of the biggest, constant problems we’ve seen our enterprise customers deal with and we here at Microsoft have to also contend with is that of the XSS (Cross Site Scripting) bug.  It’s very common and unfortunately, still an issue we have to deal with in many web applications.  Internally, the ACE Team has   …Continue Reading